JK-portraitPainting by granddaughter Gwynneth Woodman

This website draws together the diverse presence of James Kalmakoff on the web into one place -- this includes the blogs by merlinnz,  Facebook Merlin NZ and my scientific research  and writing careers. I am also a Director of an eBook and web publishing company, Kalmak Consultancy Ltd.  I can also be found on Twitter,  Slideshare, Vimeo, YouTube, TEDPinterest, Google+ and Linkedin. Before retiring  from the University of Otago, I was the Director of the Centre for Gene Research, and the Associate Dean, Website and Communications, Health Sciences Division.

A seminar given in 2006 as Associate Dean, Website & Communications -- on developing a departmental intranet. For the full version see: vimeo.com/28964655

The occasion was the 150th anniversary of Darwin's Theory of Evolution (2009) -- some of the key concepts are still relevant today. For the full version see: vimeo.com/29203825