crutches - knee operation

This is now seven weeks since my total knee replacement and I can now hobble along using a cane. I had eight physiotherapy sessions and can now manage the exercycle  — knee bends to  110 degrees. The operation has provided an opportunity to appreciate what one has and is able to do at age 77 and to slow the pace of life to that of a knee healing. During this time I have been taking an Edx Course on the ‘Science of Happiness’ (more about this later) and have completed some much needed clean-up and consolidation of dozens of hard drives that I had accumulated. There is a limit to the number of redundant backups one can maintain.

The pain in the knee is now below the pre-operation levels and is easily managed with pain relief medication.  This has given me a real boost to the sense of well-being and a positive outlook on the future. Chronic pain can be such a drain on one’s view of the world and feeling of self-worth.




I now have two chunks of titanium in my knee and I am amazed of how easily the body has adapted to the situation. The marvels of homeostasis soon kicked in and made the abnormal – normal, a feature of our adaptive survival mechanisms.